Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 CSA Week 10

Hello fellow CSA members!

I can't believe we've reached the halfway mark of the season. These July shares are some of my favorite (though I sometimes think my favorite is whatever share we are getting that week or month). I am very excited to let you know we'll be getting our first ears of corn this week! Ford says they're smaller, but I am positive they are tasty. :) Here's the details of our full share:

summer squash and zucchini
unwashed, in fridge
1-2 weeks
room temperature
1 week
washed or unwashed, in fridge
1-2 weeks
sweet corn
shucked or with husks on in coldest part of fridge
enjoy as soon as possible
in fridge crisper
up to a month or longer
bell pepper
washed or unwashed in fridge
1-2 weeks
unwashed, in fridge
up to a month or longer

These are good tomatoes. From my share our first week with
tomatoes. A caprese-inspired salad.

I may have shared with you all before that I am a bit of a tomato snob. I argue that I actually love tomatoes - I'm just very picky about them. My mom and I call the store-bought, white. grainy tomatoes you get in the off-season "imitation tomatoes." But this time of year, when there are more delicious tomatoes than a girl can eat, I tend to think about ways to preserve them. Salsa is a favorite that comes to mind quickly. Also, chili sauce, tomato juice, marinara. There are mixes at the grocery store that I have used in the past with much success, but there are a plethora of recipes available too. Here is a tried and true tomato sauce recipe from last season.

Friend and fellow CSA member Alisha Wackerly served an amazing tomato soup for dinner one night about a month ago and shared the recipe with me. I immediately thought it would be great to use fresh summer tomatoes and then can batches to have delicious homemade tomato soup throughout the cold winter months. If you love the cooler weather that rings in fall (like I do), this will get you even more excited.

*If you do plan to do large batches of canning with tomatoes or other produce, check with Ford. Some weeks he has extra produce to sell.

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