Thursday, January 19, 2017

2016/17 Winter CSA - January Share

We're trying to blend the worlds of comfort food and good nutrition in our own home this month with hearty soups, winter salads, and comforting dishes that nourish us with healthy ingredients while still satisfying that comfort food craving that comes with cold weather. 
You have beautiful, nutritious produce in your share this week to help satisfy the need for food that is both comforting and healthy. Here’s the list of items you’ll see in the share followed by links to several recipes that incorporate one or more of the items. 
*Please note, you’ll be receiving your first frozen vegetable item – frozen corn harvested in the peak of freshness last summer, processed at the Jackson County Regional Food Center.
Butternut squash
Sweet Potatoes
Spinach (mature leaves, best for cooking, or chopped salads; the leaves are sweet but large and thicker than baby spinach)
*Frozen Corn

Immunity Soup from Cooking Light (Ford and I loved this one, the kids didn’t care for the mushrooms but we bribed them with rolls, so it worked out okay.)
Delish has a great list of winter salads.  Some that incorporate items in your share for this month are: