Friday, December 16, 2016

2016 Winter CSA - December share

Happy Holidays!  It's that time of year!  While you're baking  yummy goodies you can be sure to nourish body and soul with some fresh, organic produce grown with love on Sustainable Harvest Farm.  You can absolutely incorporate the December share items into healthy dinners or part of a holiday feast. It always makes me feel virtuous to whip up some green veggies to eat before I dig into Christmas cookies/cakes/candy.   Here's the list of items in the December share:

Sweet potatoes
Potatoes (small red and white)
Butternut squash 
Cornmeal (2 cups)
Garlic 2 bulbs

*You may notice some very slight discoloration in the lettuce leaves but they are perfectly fine.  While Ford was packing up the boxes in the sub-freezing temperatures today, a few frozen patches developed on some of the leaves.  It's very much like what happens when your vegetable crisper gets a little too cold.  

Here are some holiday recipes I thought you might like to try with some of the items in your share:

Cornmeal Popovers from Southern Living
Cabbage Salad - an easy, impressive, healthy way to enjoy cabbage and lighten up a heavy holiday menu
Soul Sweet 'Taters from the Pioneer Woman - a gooey, delicious, rich, sweet potato casserole

Happy holidays from our family to yours!