Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 CSA Week 12

From our farm to your table this week…
How to Store it
How long will it last?
several weeks
Carrots (Saturday only)
unwashed in fridge
1 week
1-2 weeks
(Thursday only mini & robust shares only)
room temperature
3-5 days
(Thursday only regular & robust shares only)
unwashed in fridge
1 week
Miniature cabbage
unwashed in fridge
~1 week
Potatoes – non-organic
unwashed in a cool, dry, dark place (preferably in a paper bag or ventilated container)
up to several months

Sweet corn
shucked (my preference) or with husks on in the coldest part of your fridge (usually the bottom vegetable crisper)
Enjoy as soon as possible – fresh corn is much sweeter when fresh than when stored


at room temp

~1 week

Yellow Squash & Zucchini

unwashed in fridge

1-2 weeks

More information…

Familiar Favorites
Once again, most of the produce in your share for this week is probably pretty familiar by now.  The only item you haven’t seen at least once before are fresh picked apples.  Ford harvested them from a lonely tree nearby that, despite being untouched and unsprayed for years, continues to generously bear delicious fruit.  Both Ford and I agreed that such bountiful harvests that required no work of our own except picking make us feel so very thankful, humbled, and blessed.  We hope you can share in that joy this week with us as you enjoy these gifts from our Creator.

These apples don’t have the waxy shine of grocery store apples but they have delicious flavor.  You can eat them raw, cook them on the stove with a bit of water, cinnamon and sugar and make a homemade applesauce (VERY popular in our house), or peel them & slice them into thin wedges for freezing or drying in a food dehydrator.  Both frozen and dried apples can be excellent winter storage staples.  I love making apple cakes and stewed apples in the winter with apples we’ve frozen in the summer.  If you plan on storing your dried apples long term, it’s also a good idea to store them in the freezer to ensure safe keeping without spoilage.

Rather than detailing information about the familiar vegetables in your share, I’ll simply share links to a few recipes for the week that incorporate multiple items in the share.  Have fun and enjoy!

 Here’s a link for LOTS of eggplant recipes from the Susan Voisin of the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen: eggplant recipes.

Roasted Tomato Bean Dip

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